Branch Locations and Hours

Boai ‧+886 2 2312 2772

Zhongxiao ‧+886 2 2751 9866

Patek Philippe‧+886 2 2711 2871

Rolex‧+886 2 2725 2658


Q1 If I want to buy a watch but don't have a credit card, can I just go to the King's Sign st
Sorry!  Credit card must be used for all online purchases.  If you do not have a credit card, you can go to the King's Sign store and purchase any of the available stock at the store with cash.
Q2 It is inconvenient to pick up the goods at King's Sign Watch Co.s. Is there a delivery service
Sorry!  Currently we offer only pickup at our store.  Eventually we will be offering delivery services.
Q3 Can I pay in installments?
Sorry!  Currently we do not offer pay by installments.
Q4 How do I know if a watch is still in stock?
On the watch model web page, if you can see the "Add to shopping bag" button, that means the watch is in stock and available for purchase.
Q5 How do I use the wish list function?
If you are not logged in as a member, you cannot use the wish list function.
After logging in, you can use the Wish List function when you browse each product.
If you are here for the first time, you can join a member to enjoy the Wish List and other functions.
Q6 How long can I pick up the product after payment? Will it be notified?
After your successful payment, our sales associate will contact you within one working day to help you with your pickup.