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King's Sign Watch Co. King's Sign Watch Co.

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King's Sign Watch Co.
Founded in 1923, King's Sign is the oldest operating luxury watch retailer in Taiwan. With four locations in Taipei's central shopping areas and offering more than twenty brands, such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, A. Lange & Söhne, Breitling, Chanel, Grand Seiko, Hublot, IWC, MB&F, Piaget, Tudor and Vacheron Constantin, King's Sign offers an assortment of time pieces for first time buyers and watch aficionados.
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  • 1923: Founding
    1923: Founding

    Founded in 1923 by Mr. Chen Guang-Ban, King's Sign Watch Co. is the oldest operating luxury watch retailer in Taiwan. Pictured is a colonial-era map of Taipei, issued by the Japanese government in 1928. From the map we can see King's Sign Watch Co.'s original location at today's Boai Road and Hankou Street.

  • 1933: 10th Anniversary
    1933: 10th Anniversary

    In 1933, King's Sign Watch Co. celebrates its 10th Anniversary. Around this time, Mr. Chen Rong-Yuan also followed the two older Chen brothers' footsteps to work in the family business. Pictured standing in the back row 2nd from the left is Mr. Chen Rong-Yuan, who would later continue on to expand the foundation into today's King's Sign Watch Co.

  • 1953: 30th Anniversary
    1953: 30th Anniversary

    After the Second World War, under the direction of Mr. Chen Rong-Yuan, King's Sign Watch Co. expanded to roughly 50 square meters in store front. Mr. Chen Rong-Yuan's 4 sons would eventually join the family business one by one, continuing the family heritage.

  • 1963: 40th Anniversary
    1963: 40th Anniversary

    In 1963, King's Sign Watch Co. celebrated 40 years in operation, establishing itself as the most respected luxury watch retailer in Taiwan.

  • 1983: 60th Anniversary
    1983: 60th Anniversary

    In the 1980's, King's Sign Watch celebrated its 60 years in continuous operation. During the 80's, King's Sign's Ximen boutique establishes itself as a major luxury watch shopping destinations in what was then Taipei's busiest shopping area.

  • 1998: 75th Anniversary
    1998: 75th Anniversary

    During the 1990's, Taipei's top shopping destination moved east. Celebrating more than seven decades in history, King's Sign Watch Co. established its flagship store on Section 4 of Zhongxiao East Road, bringing more than 30 brands of luxury timepieces to serve the Taiwan area.

  • 2013: 90th Anniversary
    2013: 90th Anniversary

    In 2013, celebrating its 90 years in history, King's Sign presented an all new boutique at its original founding location from nearly a century ago. Now operated by the Chen Family's 4th generation, King's Sign Watch Co. still provides the best selection of high-end luxury timepieces, with the best service to watch fans across Taiwan.

  • 2015:  Patek Philippe Boutique
    2015: Patek Philippe Boutique

    In 2015, King's Sign and its partner of half a century Patek Philippe, established a Patek Philippe boutique in Taipei's eastern shopping district.

  • 2020: Xinyi District Rolex Boutique
    2020: Xinyi District Rolex Boutique

    In 2020, King's Sign partnered with Rolex, and established a brand new Rolex boutique in Taipei's top shopping Xinyi district.

King's Sign Watch Co.
King's Sign Watch Co.